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Series on Sustainability - Stellenbosch University, Dept of Chemical Engineering


Engineering professor appointed the SARChI Research Chair to advance knowledge in green hydrogen.

Prof Prathieka Naidoo from the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of Stellenbosch University (SU) has been awarded a Sasol-NRF Research Chair in Green Hydrogen to strengthen and improve research and innovation capacity of public universities to produce high-quality postgraduate students and research outputs.

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The Seaweed Project

As time progressed, the study evolved into a comprehensive endeavour aimed at developing sustainable and environmentally friendly extraction and purification methods to recover multiple valuable compounds from South African seaweed.

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The Cannabis Project

“We are employing chemical engineering principles to extract more valuable products from the same amount of original plant material, potentially decreasing the overall amount of waste produced" (Prof Neill Goosen)

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The Black Soldier Fly Project

“We are developing environmentally friendly processing technology that separates the protein from the other main components in BSFL (fat and chitin)" (Prof Neill Goosen)

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