Category 1 - Developmental Activities

Introduction and Scope

The South African Institution of Chemical Engineers (SAIChE) is a voluntary association (VA) registered with ECSA and an approved Licenced Body. SAIChE has accredited more than 300 Category 1 CPD activities over the past decade. These activities are those described in the ECSA CPD Policy (Category 1, Section 9). This document details the SAIChE Policy on CPD Accreditation and Verified CPD Service Provider appointments. This is made available to Applicants to assist with the application processes. The CPD Accreditation Policy document may be updated from time to time, and the current document supersedes all previous procedures and policies – written and verbal and can be found on the website. 

Accreditation Process

  1. The SAIChE CPD Accreditation system provides an electronic, paperless platform and is described as follows:
  2. The Applicant can go to the SAIChE website for more information, or, alternatively contact the SAIChE Administrator at to enquire about the requirements/Application Forms to be submitted, etc. 
  3. Upon completion of the Service Provider Form (ECPD7) and CPD Application Form (ECPD2), they are submitted to the SAIChE Administrator with all the supporting documents (see under “Document Requirements & Expectations”) attached. All the required documents can be sent via email and or Dropbox / WeTransfer.
  4. The SAIChE Administrator collates and checks all the documentation received. It is then captured by the SAIChE Administrator, and a Reference Number is allocated to the Application. 
    A Pro Forma Invoice is sent to the Applicant, where applicable. (Depending on the Applicable Cost Category: A to F).
  5. Where applicable, the Applicant then makes payment of the Pro Forma Invoice and sends proof of payment to
  6. After the payment has reflected in SAIChE’s account, the Administrator will send the required documents and web-based links to the Reviewers.
  7. Upon completion, the results from the Reviewers are sent to the Administrator, including the points/credits allocated.
  8. The Administrator allocates a Service Provider number, an official SAIChE CPD Accreditation Number and points, and informs the Applicant via email or communicates rectification in the case of refusal.
    1. In the case of refusal, Applicant will send the required changes or information to the SAIChE Administrator and go back to step 6.
  9. Administrator informs ECSA via email after completing the relevant administration and forms.
  10. Administrator completes official documentation for the Applicant with regards to their Service Provider number.
Latest versions of CPD forms: Forms.aspx
ECPD2 – CPD Application form (course information) 
ECPD7 – Application to be Service Provider

Document Requirements and Expectations

SAIChE expects Applicants to be familiar with the ECSA Mandated Guidelines for Category 1 CPD activities

The following checklist can be used as a guideline:
  1. ECSA form ECPD2 (Validation application)
  2. Information Brochure
  3. Outline/Synopsis of Technical Content
  4. PowerPoint / Presentation Slides (good quality A4 PDF)
  5. Course Notes and Supporting Materials (such as question papers, marking rubrics/templates).
  6. Abstracts of the Speakers/Papers (Conference)
  7. CV’s of Presenter/s
  8. Copy of proposed Delegate Feedback Form when applying.
  9. Completed Feedback Forms after completion of activity to keep it accredited for 3 years. NB!

ECSA Criteria for appointment as a Verified CPD Service Provider: (Reflected on ECPD7)

  1. ECSA form ECPD7 (Service provider application)
  2. Download and read ECPD-01-STA: Standard for Continuing Professional Development from the ECSA website.
  3. The company profile.
  4. Certified copy of a valid company registration certificate or equivalent
  5. Scope of CPD Developmental Activities (registration category, discipline, area of specialisation and type of programme).
  6. Valid SARS tax clearance certificate
  7. Processes for certifying activities and participant attendance confirmation.
  8. Agreements in place (e.g. for venue, presenters, coordinators) – if services are to be outsourced
  9. Contingency plans in place
  10. Refund policy in place if fee is charged.
  11. Evidence of a Comprehensive Quality Management System (refer to section section 10.2 of ECPD-01-STA).
  12. Evidence of being an ECSA CPD Licensed Body in good standing
The documents can be submitted via email or Dropbox.  No hard copies are required.
SAIChE requires the Course material to perform the Accreditation and is committed to keeping all documents confidential.  Documents shall be stored on a secure server for audit and reference purposes.

Where Reviewers deem further review necessary, SAIChE reserves the right to send a representative on the Course to evaluate it, at no additional cost to the Applicant.

Responsibilities of Applicant to Attendees

  1. The Applicant shall keep a record of all who attended.
  2. The Applicant shall issue a certificate /proof of attendance to all who attended.

CPD Accreditation Cost Structure

CPD Accreditation Cost Structure Accreditation of activities requires the time and technical expertise of the CPD Committee and administrative staff of SAIChE. The cost structure is available in a separate document. SAIChE Members must be in good standing to qualify for the reduced rate.


Applications are reviewed by the SAIChE Council’s CPD Committee. Reviewers are professionally registered with the relevant Institutions and have the appropriate Industry experience. Reviewers sign a confidentiality clause and will delete course material once accreditation is completed. Their decision/report is confidential and is sent to the SAIChE Administrator.

Timeframe for Application

It is expected that Reviews take between 2 to 4 working weeks from the time of the application, or after the application fee reflects in SAIChE’s account, where this is applicable. The CPD Committee members do the accreditations after hours.

Target Audience of the Activity

In accordance with the ECSA Policy on Accreditation, the Applicant must clearly state the intended audience of the activity in respect of:
  1. Registration category: Professional Engineers, Technologists, Technicians
  2. Discipline: Chemical Engineering; Electrical Engineering, Mechanical, etc.
SAIChE may refer Applicants to other Voluntary Associations (V.A.’s) if the engineering discipline falls outside the scope of the Committee’s field of expertise. Note that other V.A.’s may have different requirements for accreditation and different cost structures.

As a general rule, SAIChE may accredit activities which have fundamentals based on chemical engineering and/or application of fundamentals in industry.


SAIChE may at any time be subject to an audit by the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) regarding CPD Accreditations. The document requirements and application process have been aligned to provide transparency in the event of an audit.

Approval and Refusal

Upon successful application, CPD points with a reference number will be allocated to the activity, and the Applicant informed thereof.

If accreditation is not granted, the Committee will communicate feedback to the Applicant via the SAIChE office, with reasons for refusal. Any payment made in respect of accreditation will be forfeited. However, if the Applicant updates their material to within acceptable criteria, and it is subsequently approved, no additional charge will be levied.

CPD Points Allocation

As per the ECSA Guidelines on CPD Activities, a half-day is considered as 5 hours, which is equivalent to 0.5 CPD points, and a full day is based on 10 hours, equivalent to 1 CPD point.

Validity Period of Accreditation

CPD Accreditations for an activity are valid for three years, except for Conferences, which are valid for one year.  If the activity is presented on several occasions within the 3-year accreditation period and IF the content and presenters do not change materially, then no re-accreditation is required during the 3 years.

Delegate Feedback Forms

The application process requires the submission of the proposed Feedback Forms that will be given to the attending delegates of the activity.  This is an ECSA requirement.

The onus rests on the CPD Provider to send to SAIChE completed Feedback Forms, within a reasonable timeframe after completion of the activity. This is required for Audit purposes. Failure to do so may result in accreditation being revoked.

Use of SAIChE Logo

The successful Applicant is provided with a CPD Accreditation number that can be used in promotional materials for the Activity. Providers must, however, contact SAIChE directly for permission in order to include the SAIChE Logo on the material / activity brochure.


SAIChE contact details can be found on the website: 

SAIChE CPD Accreditation Cost Structure

As at March 2022

Accreditation of activities requires the time and technical expertise of the CPD Committee and administrative staff of SAIChE.  
The cost structure is summarised as follows:


  • Amounts are quoted in South African Rand (ZAR) and are inclusive of VAT at 15%
  • Members must be in good standing in order to qualify for the reduced rate.
  • Onus is on the Applicant to show that the Course and Presenters have not materially changed if considering Category E (Re-accreditation) above. 

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