Becoming a member

Who can join SAIChE?
Anyone who has a Chemical Engineering background or students who have started their studies at a South African University or University of Technology.
Anyone who does not have any chemical engineering qualification or experience may apply for Affiliate membership.

My membership

What is my membership number?
Your membership number will be given to you once your application has been approved and you have paid your invoice. 
Your membership number will appear on your membership Certificate. (Students and Graduates do not receive a certificate.)
Please login to the SAIChE website. All relevant information will be visible there.
Should you have no idea what your membership number is you can always contact the SAIChE office, giving your full name and ID number.


When are invoices sent out?
Invoices are emailed to members once a year around end January.


How do I become Pr Eng?
Contact ECSA at


What is my local branch?
Usually your physical/postal address indicates what branch you would belong to.

Interest groups

What are interest groups?
Any group of people who are interested or involved in a certain field/area of chemical engineering. The success of an interest group depends on the participation of our members.
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